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Poindexter at the Crossroads: The 5 Tonalities of the Blues

Theres way more to blues harmony than just major and minor....

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Beyond Blues: What Would Jimmy Raney Do?

A deep look into how a master combined hard bop with soulful swing....

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Intro to CAGED Chords

Learn a sure-fire way to map out every major or minor chord in any key....

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Joe Gore's Subversive Guitarist: Animated Octave Leaps

Subvert muscle memory and discover fresh ideas....

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The Stairway Progression

Zeppelin might be the most famous case, but plenty of songwriters have borrowed these infamous chords....

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Why You Should Keep a Guitar Journal

Our musical brains can be deep, but messy. Heres how to organize it all....

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Riff Rundown: Paul Gilbert "I Own a Building"

Watch as the guitar master slows down and simplifies the bonkers opening progression to a song off his 2019 album, Behold Electric Guitar  (and has a blast doing it)....

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