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Riff Rundown: Between the Buried and Me's "Famine Wolf"

Dustie Waring shows how an excellent string-skipping warm-up routine doubles as a blazing opener for the Coma Ecliptic track....

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The Unsung Heroes of Twang Guitar

Its all about melody, reverb, and loud amps....

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Riff Rundown: Chon's "Petal"

Guitarists Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel collectively demonstrate their separate (but complementary) fretboard somersaults featured on 2019s Chon ....

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How to Craft More Melodic Solos

Theres way more to it than simply mastering chords and scales....

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Top 10 Lessons of 2019

This past year we dug into the playing of a jazz legend, rethought our approach to scales, and finally got to the bottom of the Stairway progression....

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How to Play Those Impossible Intervals

Your guitar wants you to favor some intervals over others. Dont listen....

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Why Is Rhythm Guitar So Hard?

Its all in the details....

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