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JHGuitars.com is a website for musicians, music teachers and students to learn about and purchase musical equipment at competitive prices. Musical equipment and Accessories include Guitar equipment, Amps and Effects, Pro Audio, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral equipment, Books and Media, Brass and Woodwind equipment, and Folk instruments.

The Live Side of Jimmy Page

Though Led Zeppelin’s studio albums have achieved iconic status, the quartet’s interplay and improvisation onstage are the stuff of legend. Dive into Page-inspired licks from the band’s early-’70s live albums....

Beyond Blues: How to Play “Bird” Blues

Saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker’s challenging version of a 12-bar blues is one of his most enduring contributions. Learn how to navigate these tricky changes by combining bebop and blues....

Digging Deeper: The Rolling Stones’ 'Sticky Fingers'

This 1971 masterpiece combined soul, folk, and straight-up rock into a musical mix that has influenced generations. Let’s dive into some of its seminal sounds and techniques....

The Guitarist’s Guide to New-Wave Guitar

The 1980s were full of iconic tones and riffs from players like Andy Summers, Johnny Marr, and Adrian Belew. Let’s see if we can borrow a bit of that vintage mojo to craft compelling new riffs....

Dear 6-String Sensei: How Do I Get Started with Improvisation?

Is learning all the modes the best first step A reader asks for guidance on how to begin improvising....

What Bohlinger Plays: Double-Stop Bends

Vintage Strat in hand, the popular Last Call columnist shows you how to play dreamy, pedal-steel-like bends up and down the neck....