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JHGuitars.com is a website for musicians, music teachers and students to learn about and purchase musical equipment at competitive prices. Musical equipment and Accessories include Guitar equipment, Amps and Effects, Pro Audio, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral equipment, Books and Media, Brass and Woodwind equipment, and Folk instruments.

Sitar Rock: A Guide to Big Bends and South Asian Riffs

Insert haunting psychedelia into your music by taking inspiration from sitar masters....

Mort, Death’s Apprentice: The Florida Metal Scene

Discover how such bands as Death, Decide, and Morbid Angel crafted a singular sound that influenced legions of extreme-metal bands....

Future Rock: Economy-Picking Pentatonics

Rethink your approach to pentatonic shapes by pushing the limits of your picking....

Joe Gore’s The Subversive Guitarist: The Bruise Scale

If you whip out these licks at the ol’ Tuesday night blues jam, they’ll probably move it to Wednesday and not tell you....

Guthrie Govan’s Single-String Arpeggios

Break free from tired old patterns by rethinking your approach to shred....

Riff Rundown: Russian Circles' "Harper Lewis"

The instrumental guitar wizard demonstrates how he uses a simple fretting-hand pattern and tapping technique to create a difficult-sounding passage from Station....