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Dive into the Deep Blues of the North Mississippi Hill Country

Players like R.L. Burnside, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and Robert Belfour pushed aside norms and carved new paths with hypnotic riffs and big rhythms....

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The Guitarist's Guide to Auditioning

An in-depth roundtable on everything you need to know to get--and keep--that big-time gig....

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How 20th-Century Classical Music Can Make You a Better Rock Player

From Debussy to Reich, classical composers can offer timeless techniques to supercharge your next riff....

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Joe Gore's The Subversive Guitarist: The End of the Note

Silences define a rhythm as much as its notes....

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Riff Rundown: Benjamin Tod's "Using Again"

The Lost Dog Street Band frontman shows how smooth fingerpicking and a few well-placed hammer-ons ring a somber tone to accompany a downtrodden tale....

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The Golden Rules of Melodic Comping

Wanna get called back for a gig Well, you better learn to not step on the melody....

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A Practical Approach to Picking Proficiency

Three essential plectrum techniques for players of every stripe....

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