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Johnny Guitar Watson's Stinging Blues

Watson was a pivotal influence on Frank Zappa, Etta James, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others....

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Intro to Hybrid Picking

Corey Congilio breaks down how to get the most out of a pick-and-fingers attack....

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Riff Rundown: Pallbearer's "Forgotten Days"

Devin Holt dissects the doom-y vertebrae in the 7-string spine of the title track from the bands forthcoming album....

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Pump Up Your Picking

Quick exercises to get your fretting and picking hands playing together!...

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Hendrix Rhythms Made Easy

Understanding Hendrixs rhythm guitar style will help you create new, exciting guitar parts that add momentum to the song....

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"There's Only Two Kinds of Songs"

Daniel Donato shows us why--and how--you should get complete control of the major and minor domains....

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No Whammy? No Problem.

Trem-style moves for hard-tail devotees....

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