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JHGuitars.com is a website for musicians, music teachers and students to learn about and purchase musical equipment at competitive prices. Musical equipment and Accessories include Guitar equipment, Amps and Effects, Pro Audio, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral equipment, Books and Media, Brass and Woodwind equipment, and Folk instruments.

What The Ell?: Lessons I Learned from Recreating John Mayer’s 'Continuum'

Discover how a daunting homework assignment unlocked creativity and musicianship while helping country superstar Lindsay Ell find her own voice....

Beyond Blues: Nail Those Changes!

Fishing around for some new ideas to enhance your blues licks Check out this step-by-step approach that covers everything from guide tones to scales....

Riff Rundown: Between the Buried and Me's "The Coma Machine"

You may need a neck adjustment after BTBAM axeman Paul Waggoner shows off the main riffer from 2015s Coma Ecliptic....

Dr. Molly’s Guitar Lab: The Badass Riffs of Sister Rosetta Tharpe

One of rock guitar’s pioneers could tear through double-stops, chromatic riffs, and fiery triplets with grace and attitude....

On Bass: Entering the Reggae Trance

Stirring up your skill set with some reggae technique will do plenty more than simply allow you to play the genre....

Riff Rundown - Killswitch Engage's "My Last Serenade"

Soft-spoken metal hero Joel Stroetzel slows down a sick pattern that only sounds difficult....