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No Whammy? No Problem.

Why should guitarists using tremolos have all the fun...

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Rethinking the Blues Scale

Theres way more than blues-rock fodder buried in the crevices of the most overused scale in music....

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Blues Arpeggio Tricks

A simple half-step slide is all it takes to spice up those vanilla arpeggios....

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I Transcribed a Lick. Now What?

Even on the simplest of phrases, theres still work to be done....

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Rolling the Dice on Practice

Guitar instruction guru Adam Levy uses a custom-made pair of dice to determine his practice routine each day. The dice dont just select the days exercises--they also define them....

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Pentatonic Escape Routes

Dont be a prisoner of the pentatonic box. Time to break out!...

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What Bohlinger Plays: Open-E Pull-Off Lick

PG s Nashville rocker shows you a quick-hit lesson that can work in any of your musical sentences....

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