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A Guide to Pedal-Tone Blues

Take your rhythmic independence to a new level and learn to become a complete solo guitarist....

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Peter Green's Magic Scale

Put some Green into your blues with the minor pentatonic major 6 scale....

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John Coltrane's Undeniable Improvisations

Guitarists can learn a lot by dissecting the art of articulation....

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Don't Sleep on the Mixolydian Mode

Learning how to add Mixolydian flavors into your playing can be a quick way to expand your vocabulary or get out of a rut!...

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Learn to Love Your Arpeggios

No matter the context, the arpeggio is the easiest and clearest way to outline harmony. Ill prove it....

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Johnny Guitar Watson's Stinging Blues

Watson was a pivotal influence on Frank Zappa, Etta James, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among others....

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Intro to Hybrid Picking

Corey Congilio breaks down how to get the most out of a pick-and-fingers attack....

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