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Palm-Mute Like Pino

What does it take to be an R&B bass icon Heres how Pino Palladino changed the game....

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Should You Learn to Read Music?

Its a complicated calculus, with no hard-and-fast rules....

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Riff Rundown: The Jesus Lizard's "Then Comes Dudley"

Jagged guitar mastermind Duane Denison unpacks the simple-but-tricky chords and timing of the menacing anti-hero anthem off Goat ....

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Last Dance with Dorian

It all started with a Fender Champ and a three-chord rock anthem....

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The Secret to Dissonant Double-Stops

Not all harmonies need to be pretty....

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The Melodic Side of Ritchie Blackmore

The legendary guitarist not only wrote one of the most famous riffs of all time, he pioneered a style that gave birth to legions of shredders....

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Mutant Folk Fingerpicking

A funky fingerstyle challenge that starts with Travis picking and then warps it beyond recognition....

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