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Marc Ribot's Inside-Out Licks

Dig into the style of a bona fide downtown-jazz legend who can meld rock, blues, and Cuban music without ever breaking a sweat....

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The Building Blocks of the Blues

A back-to-basics approach to crafting a 12-bar solo....

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Drum Rudiments for Guitarists

Jazz iconoclast Miles Okazaki talks about transforming these stick exercises into pick exercises, and how that process can improve technique while inspiring fresh rhythmic and melodic ideas....

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Riff Rundown: Black Pumas' "Fire"

The psych-soul duos Adrian Quesada walks through the funky, spaghetti western progression inspired by Ennio Morricone....

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The Beginner's Guide to Mini-Scales

Colorful note groupings can bend the ear of the listener--and spark creativity in your own playing....

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Cheap Tricks That Make You Sound Fast!

Learn how to not only ramp up your technique, but how to use it effectively....

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Walking the Blues

Eight ways to add excitement to your blues rhythms....

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