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The Stairway Progression

Zeppelin might be the most famous case, but plenty of songwriters have borrowed these infamous chords....

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Why You Should Keep a Guitar Journal

Our musical brains can be deep, but messy. Heres how to organize it all....

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Riff Rundown: Paul Gilbert "I Own a Building"

Watch as the guitar master slows down and simplifies the bonkers opening progression to a song off his 2019 album, Behold Electric Guitar (and has a blast doing it)....

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One-Shape Blues

A few simple chords is all it takes....

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Riff Rundown: Lost Dog Street Band's "One Shot to Wake"

Train-hopping troubadour Benjamin Tod showcases how he spruces up cowboy chords with some deft fingerpicking....

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Joe Gore's The Subversive Guitarist: The Devil's in the Dynamics

How close can you get to silence What happens when you play so hard that you worry about damaging your guitar...

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Chromatic CAGED

Having the ability to artfully add those in-between notes is a cornerstone of jazz guitar. Heres how you do it....

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