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Joe Gore's Subversive Guitarist: Your Triplet-Beat Cheat Sheet

Bring energy and groove to your 12/8 interpretations with help from West African rhythms....

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How to Play Bentonia Blues

Toss aside the rules and tune down your guitar....

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Riff Rundown: As Cities Burn's "Contact"

Cody Bonnette recreates the dreamy guitar bed from the post-hardcore outfits 2007 Come Now Sleep single....

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How to Write a Song

Nashville recording artist Lindsay Ell shares tips on how she beats writers block ... and how you can too....

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A Beginner's Guide to Ambient Guitar

Ethereal drones, big reverbs, and plenty of dissonance go into this often-underappreciated style....

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Joe Gore's Subversive Guitarist: The Great Guitar Intro Fake-Out

Shifting parts in time can solve countless musical problems....

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Poindexter at the Crossroads: The 5 Tonalities of the Blues

Theres way more to blues harmony than just major and minor....

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