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JHGuitars.com is a website for musicians, music teachers and students to learn about and purchase musical equipment at competitive prices. Musical equipment and Accessories include Guitar equipment, Amps and Effects, Pro Audio, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral equipment, Books and Media, Brass and Woodwind equipment, and Folk instruments.

Blue Horizons: Hit It and Quit It!

Understand how masters of beatnik-blues such as Grant Green and Kenny Burrell effortlessly weaved chord hits within their solos....

What Bohlinger Plays - Cascading Jangle Riff in E

Watch and learn a hooky pull-off motif inspired by rock íní roll icon Buddy Holly....

Double Trouble: Make Rhythm Guitar Parts Great Again!

Donít just bash away on open-position chords. Here are 10 ways to make your dual-guitar rhythm parts stand out....

Obsessive Progressive: Get a Grip on Odd-Meter Time Signatures

Not all riffs need to live in a comfortable space. Some of the most iconic jams rely on adding or subtracting a few beats to create that perfect, yet uneasy feel....

Digging Deeper: Rhythmic Slide

Donít limit your slide chops to singing, single-note leads. Instead, try crafting cool rhythm parts by focusing on both sides of the slide....

Blue Horizons: How to Mix Major and Minor Pentatonics

B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Freddie King all had an innate ability to move between major and minor sounds within a 12-bar blues. Hereís how they did it....