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Riff Rundown - Elder's "Sanctuary"

Nick DiSalvo deconstructs the repetitive arpeggios, little licks, and slick pull-offs that piece together a headbanger from Reflections of a Floating World ....

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All Roads Lead to Les

Hes a giant of music and technology for a reason. Heres a look at a few of his most well-known licks....

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The Unpredictable Playing of Robert Quine

Explore how a rogue player combined punk, rock, and avant-garde in a truly original voice....

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What Makes the Melodic Minor Scale So ... Melodic?

Find out why this pattern favored by metal shredders and jazz gurus is one of the most accurately named modes....

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Top 10 Lessons of 2020

This year we looked into how to solo like Garcia, bend like the late Peter Green, and think deeper about the blues scale....

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Grant Green's Bebop Blues

Dip a toe in the jazz-blues pool with these simple chord subs....

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5 Ways to Strum Without A Pick

Discover your own musical fingerprint by exploring different approaches to string attack....

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