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Master Fingerstyle Guitar--Once and for All!

It doesnt matter whether youre just starting out with fingerstyle, or merely want to hone your existing technique. Theres something here for every level....

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Riff Rundown: Between the Buried and Me's "Silent Flight Parliament"

Paul Waggoner shows you how a handful of diminished and augmented sounds form the core of this track from the bands The Parallax II album. ...

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Jim Hall's Classical Chord Melodies

The link between Bach and jazz is closer than you think....

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Don't Be Scared of Improv

Unleash the power of pentatonics and learn how to make it up as you go along....

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The Buzzsaw Riffs of the Stockholm Scene

Behold the rapid-fire style that laid the groundwork for modern death metal....

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Joe Gore's Subversive Guitarist: Your Triplet-Beat Cheat Sheet

Bring energy and groove to your 12/8 interpretations with help from West African rhythms....

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How to Play Bentonia Blues

Toss aside the rules and tune down your guitar....

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