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New to the board. Recently purchased a Yamaha TF Rack. Greatly impressed with its quality and capabklities. It has inspired me to lean audio. Looking forward to sharing and learning here. Mahalo, Mwin59...

**HELP** Glitching Sound On My Track Only When Played Through A phone

So i recently finished mixing two tracks in logic pro x and i bounced them out to a .wav 24bit and then uploaded them to Landr to be mastered. i know, i know, not the best way to master but anyways. Once everything was mastered i sent the finished files to my phone and my friends phone. After......

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  • Peavey AmpKit Link HD Lightning

    Peavey AmpKit Link HD Lightning
    Pure tone from an iPhone, sure why not? The AmpKit LiNK HD is a pure digital guitar interface that connects to your Mac or iOS device with the included USB or L...(more)

    $119.99 More Details
  • Griffin MicConnect

    Griffin MicConnect
    Whether you're practicing in your room, recording with your band, or just jotting down song ideas on the road, MicConnect makes it easy to record vocals on...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
  • Apogee JAM 96K

    Apogee JAM 96K
    Apogee is a world leader in audio input devices for the Mac. The improved JAM allows you to take a world-class preamp and A/D convertor on the road with you at ...(more)

    $129.00 More Details
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