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Yamaha MM-110 on pc

Hello there! I have this Yamaha mm-110, an electret condenser microphone and Im wondering if and how I could set it up to be used with my pc. It uses a 6.3 jack and requires an AA battery. Ive already tried many different batteries, two 6.3 to 3.5 adapters, every available port on the pc, 2 pcs......

Studio Monitors in Small Rooms

I am trying to setup a basic home recording studio. I have all the basic items already. I have headphones for tracking and mixing but really want to get a pair of studio monitors. The problem I have is that my room is 12 feet by 10 feet and I cannot afford to move my desk two/three feet away......

Introduction to Myself

So Ill quickly get to the main details and avoid doing the whole personal information. I have been attempting to practice music production for over 6 years now, with several, significantly long intervals in the 6 years. To be honest I never really considered myself a musician and all of the......

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