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20 post thread

FireZtreaM.....go nuts!...

Presonus ar8 usb

Just got the ar8 usb cant get mic to work fully it works only on there software and i want to use it for in game for streaming and youtube...

Audio interfaces with headphones output

Sorry, not sure whether this hasnt been posted or is just awaiting moderation, so I will post it again: Hi! Another newbie here, with a very simple question: *Would a digital audio interface with a headphones output allow me to hear what I am playing _regardless _of what happens in the......

Is the Blue Spark Digital any good?

Im new the sound recording, I want to start a youtube channel, but I am laking a good microphone. I have a budget of 200 dollars and I was thinking of getting a blue spark. But where I live, they are hard to find. I still managed to find a blue spark digital and was thinking of buying it, but......

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