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2nd Order Harmonics

Hello all, First off, apologies as i know nothing about studio recording but hence the reason im here to hopefully find some answers! Im lucky enough to have a large barn at my disposal which i use as a workshop and in a fit of madness i installed a 3kw RCF pa rig to play music and for the......

Recording too loud?

Not sure where to post this. Im recording screaming vocals at home with a condenser mic, havent had any problems before. Usually have the gain turned down on my audio interface. Opened reaper today and went to record and the audio is extremely loud and abrasive. Didnt change anything on my......

slow metal MIX

Hello! I created a metal track but I need help and advise concerning the mix. It would be awesome if some of you could listen to my song and help me out! Since I am a bit shy to post it in the open Internet, I would love to send you a Soundcloud link in a message to my track! Thank you......

Trying to route back recorded track to my Soundcraft EP8...

I am recording audio tracks using Ableton and a Delta 1010lt audio card/PC. I have a small soundcraft 8 track mixer which I bought for virtually next to nothing. Everything is working fine it records great into the DAW, but when I have recorded my first track and record the second track, I cant......

What are people using to host photos these days?

Take me back to the good old days when photobucket wasn?t trash and homerecording.com was the funniest place on the Internet...

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