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Master Recorder Zoom Mrs4

I recently bought a zoom mrs4 I have a microphone for it and cables to plug it into my laptop but im wondering what sort of software to download to use as a master recorder....

Recording and playing CD's/DVD's

Hello. I am new to this forum but I have been an enthusiast for a long time. I am not too involved in recording other than to burn a few CDs/DVDs. I have burned CDs with about 100 songs on one CD. The CD will play all songs on my computer but in my car or other CD players only the first 21......

Question about how to remove vocals from song

Hello guys, My name is Meto from jordan/ middle east , I am a writter and lately I wrote some parodies for songs and I really wanna record them but the problem is that I dont know anything about producing music, I was looking for karoke or a way to remove vocals from a song like despacito for......

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