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Connection e-drums to ableton

Hi, Im trying to connect my e-drum kit to ableton. I have a midi to usb converter and as far as i can tell it works. Ableton recognisez it, im able to select mackiecontrol input (usb cable) on the midi inputs but i do not receive any sound. Ive read a lot of forum posts about this but it......

Allen and Heath ZED16FX recording problem!!

Hiya I have been trying out compact/analog mixers for the last 6 months, looking for something versatile for band/karaoke/recording/etc - So far Ive tried Presonus AR16 (Loved but LOTS of hardware defects and problems), Mackie ProFX16v2, Yamaha NC16XU, and now my Allen and Heath ZED16FX which......

Piano sounding awful through the headphones

Hey guys, Im wondering if anyone knows how I could sort this issue out: Im a complete noob when it comes to recording! I have a Nord Stage 2 which sounds beautiful when I use the headphones straight out of the back of it, but once I go through my Sound Card and Logic Pro X, it sounds awful.......

Simultaneous multi track GarageBand iOS

I?ve tried, but there is sooo much information here. I?m a total newb. I ask your clemency. I need at minimum a 4 input interface, (2 x vocals & 2 x guitar amp.). DAW is GarageBand, mostly the iOS version but occasionally on a MacBook. What I need to know is will GarageBand detect the......

Who to trust? ears or ..

lately Ive read various forums on the subject of audio interfaces. What I often found was statements like : it has great converters... or, it has much better preamps.. and so on. How does somebody knows if some interface has great converters What is the criteria for better preamps ......

Where to place desk in homestudio

Ive got a couple questions about building my own home studio. Ive got a rectangular room thats 3,63 meters by 2,37 meters. There is a window on the far side of the room in the middle of the 2,37 meters wall. Where should I place my desk Against the window Facing the window with some space......

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