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Can't hear audio from other sources when Audacity is on?

Topic. I want to do a cover of a song, and I plan to do it by recording myself singing the song in Audacity with the song playing in the background in Youtube. However, the audio doesnt play when Audacity is on. Either from YT or an MP3. This may be because I am recording it through a......

Hi everyone!!

Hi :) My name is Alex, Im 23 years old, from Sweden, and Im happy to be here! Btw, if you love animals you must see these pictures, theyre stunning: bit.ly/2G4wt5g...


Hi there! i am new to this group....

hissing/whine sound during recording and playback

Hello All, Im adding to the pile of hissing/whine noise questions. I thought I had this solved but,sadly it came back agian. first what im using MIC:Audio Technica AT2020(XLR not the usb version), (brand new) INTERFACE: Prosunus audiobox usb 96 (used) HEADPHONES: Audio technica......

Nagra SN pinch roller - rubber tyre

Hi everyone, Ive just joined, and this is my first post. I have just bought a vintage 1972 Nagra SN recorder, and Im trying to find out if the pinch roller is supposed to have a rubber tyre. The one I have appears to have a fine knurled metal finish, so i suspect the rubber sleeve / tyre......

Hissing in right channel

So when I?m recording and playing the final product all the way thru (cool edit pro) it sounds perfect in the program. However, once I mix it down into a track it gains this pulsing hiss in the right channel. I can?t find anywhere else on the internet for anybody with a similar issue. Please help.......

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