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Controlling volume on free synths

Dear Anyone. Ive got a bunch of free synths (high budget operator, me!) and Im happy with the sounds for what I want to use them for, but theyve all got the same problem. No CC controls, so how the heck are you supposed to control volume/velocity/panning etc Is there any kind of plug-in......

HELP PLEASE. idk why my new la320 tube mic is noisy compared to everything I've seen

So about a couple of months ago i got a Lauten Audio 320 tube mic and from every video and review i saw of it there was very little to no noise at all but i cant seem to get my mic on the same level. I cant get a good signal without turning the gain way high. I tried getting new cords, i got a......

Home recording not working out. Waaay too much noise and no signal level.

The title says a lot of it. I have a M-Audio M-Track and a Akai EIE-pro, a basic M-Audio mic and a Shure SM7B. Things were working fine for the longest time, then I updated to Windows 10 :mad:It hasnt worked right since. Its almost like the whole thing got contaminated. I have to crank up my......

Jbl lsr305 speakers question

Hi, im new to monitor speakers. And theres a input sensitivity switch that is not sticking out. Do i need a tool to switch it Is that normal Thanks...

[Payed Job] Need help picking out gear

Hello. I am starting a little home-recording studio and I need help finding the gear that is right for me. I am willing to pay someone to help me look at different options and make suggestions. We can discuss pricing, but I am not going to be able to pay a huge amount -- I am offering this......

Two Zoom R16's into Logic?

Hey everyone, Im trying to figure out how I can get all of my drum mics into Logic as single tracks. Heres my setup: - Drum set with 9 mics - Phone playing music from Google Music with 1/4 cable plugged into headphone jack - Mics go into a Behringer Xenyx X2442USB Mixer XLR inputs and......

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