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Need some help finding the problem with my MIDI keyboard

Hello, Im trying to use MIDI to learn how to play piano, but the keyboard I purchased on amazon doesnt seem to be working. Its a MIDIplus AKM320 that came with a USB MIDI wire that Ive set up and connected to my macbook air. The problem is that I have no idea why, when I go into garageband and......

Cant get a clear sound from Rode NT2A!

First of all Im new to the forum and new at recording and my gear is as follows: - Macbook Pro - DAW StudioOne 4 - Rode NT2A - Presonus StudioLive 16 Series 3 Ive been trying to track acoustic guitar with the NT2A going through my StudioLive 16 but for some reason the audio is just not at......

Buying my first condenser mic, Rode NT2000, Shure KSM44, Audio Technica AT4033

I have the choice to buy one of those mics second hand as people locally are selling them. I sourced those 3 from hours of research and they seem like solid choices, also money is around 600AUD max so its just what is available out of my list of preferred mics. The AT is the cheapest, with the......

Tascam 488 will not play or record

I just bought a Tascam 488 8-track recorder with the following problem: Cassettes will rewind and fast forward but when I press play, the recording heads engage and then the play light goes out. There is no initial movement of the tape. However, when I tilt the cassette so the bottom of the......

Advice for a beginner

Hi! I need some advice to build a set up. I’ve been a musician for a while, but now I’m becoming interested in electronic/techno music and production and I want to build an amateur home studio but I’m not sure which direction to take first. I’m on a low budget. The economy is going down and I’m......

Clad I found this place

I have been away from recording and playing for quite a while and have forgotten the little I knew about it but hope to fumble my way to arming a track one of these days. I wanted to get back to recording while I still can.... I guess I need to find out if I still can....... So I got an apogee......

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