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Orchestral News:

Comment on The Magic of Serendipity by Peregrine

Exquisite. This story -- and all it implies -- is profoundly redemptive and affirming. Serendipitous, indeed, that the five of you -- you and your wife (both sensitive), the deeply humane driver, magnificent Schnabel, and profound Beethoven -- came together for that brief time in perfect sympathy....

Comment on Orchestra Spotlight: Central Ohio Symphony by Leonard Fisher

My life has been forever changed by being able to be a part of a drum circle. Thank you for taking on all of these great projects....

Comment on Governance fail at Carnegie Hall by Robert Levine

My point was not to defend Mr. Perelman, although the "feud" between him and the other board member is, at this point, conjecture. My point was rather that this is not how good non-profit governance works. When the board chair wants financial data, he/she gets it from the staff yesterday with no questions asked. How else is the board ever to monitor the financial health of the organization If the board chair raises a legal question over a pending transaction - regardless of whether o...

Comment on Governance fail at Carnegie Hall by Phillip Ayling

Robert, Hard to know all of the facts, but one would think the moment ANYONE on a Board raises the issues of possible law-breaking -if only to exercise appropriate caution - something would be put on hold pending at least one internal legal opinion. BTW is Mr. Perelman also leaving the Board or just refusing to run again as Chair...

Comment on Governance fail at Carnegie Hall by Michael Comins

Robert - There's an underlying story concerning the awarding of the $100k Warner Music prize here. In 2011, another Carnegie Bd. member outbid Perelman for the Warner Music Group, undoubtedly raising Perelman's ire. When Gillinson went ahead with the contract with Warner despite Perelman's objection, Perelman then began this war. As a longtime subscriber and retired musician who played in CH many times over the years, I've liked Gillinson's programming and general dir...

Comment on Of Dodges, Deodorant, and “Die Forelle” by Floria Tosca

Happened upon this post after seeing that Axe ad on late night TV and googling "Schubert in an Axe commercial." It was, indeed, a very small moment of delight, hearing strains of one of my favorite pieces of music in the world emanating from that ad on TV (and that was not many minutes after the longer moment of delight, hearing and seeing Kendrick Lamar and crew perform "To Pimp a Butterfly" on the Late Show; a night of unusual music on network TV). Anyway, the best thing ...

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