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Obsessive Progressive: Rushís Alex Lifeson

We break down how prog rockís most influential 6-stringer combines timeless riffs, a huge sound, and a penchant for experimentation....

What Bohlinger Plays: Behind-the-Slide Blues

The Review Demo maestro walks you through a descending lick thats a cinch to transpose to any key....

The Shred Decoderís Guide to Sweep Picking

One of modern rockís most buzzed-about shredders shares his insights on an often-misunderstood topic....

The Art of Repetition: A Guide to Pedal Points and Ostinatos

Everyone from Coltrane to Coldplay uses repetition to create tension and interest. Here are a few tricks to get you started....

Shake It Off! Everything You Need to Know About Vibrato

Donít sleep on one of the most unique and expressive techniques we guitarists can develop. From B.B. to Beck, everyone has their own version, and itís about time you get a handle on yours....

How to Handle Harmonics

Itís easier than you might think to create mysterious, ethereal notes that seem to float through the air....

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