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The Shred Decoder: Expand Your Melodic and Rhythmic Control

Unleash the power of shreddy subdivisions....

Punk-Rock Madness: It’s More than Power Chords

Push past the power chords and learn about some of the genre’s most underappreciated players, including Robert Quine, Viv Albertine, and Richard Lloyd....

Dust That Broom! A Newbie’s Guide to Slide

Intrigued by the sweet ’n’ searing sounds of slippery-fingered guitar Here’s how to choose the right slide and start exploring this timeless technique....

Supercharge Your Improv

Berklee rock-guitar guru Jon Finn shares secrets on how to kick your from-the-hip playing up a few notches....

Obsessive Progressive: Tool’s Adam Jones

One of the most mysterious and interesting guitarists to come out of the post-grunge scene is a master of dynamics, tone, and deceptive rhythms....

Play Like Paisley!

Here’s how to create ripping pull-off licks, percussive rhythm riffs, and melodic lead lines inspired by one of Nashville’s hottest Tele players....

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