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Guitar News:

What the Ell? My Slide Guitar Journey

Learning how to learn is an invaluable, yet often-overlooked skill. Hereís how a country superstar took the scary leap into slide guitar....

Fretboard Workshop: Two-String Scales

Discover a new way to think about those same-old scales....

Spice Up Your Cowboy Chords

Just because you live on the low end of the fretboard doesnít mean you canít add melodic and harmonic interest to your progressions....

The Subversive Guitarist: Fancy Footwork

Tap your way to tighter, more confident grooves....

Twang 101: Scotty Andersonís Double-Stop Sorcery

Blazing double-stop licks and a unique picking style are hallmarks of one of todayís most underrated guitar pickers....

Journey Out West: A Western Swing Primer

Since the early days of Bob Wills swinging away in Texas dance halls, this genre has combined elements of blues, jazz, country, and more. Hereís how to nail its timeless sound....

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