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Guitar News:

Sitar Rock: A Guide to Big Bends and South Asian Riffs

Insert haunting psychedelia into your music by taking inspiration from sitar masters....

Mort, Death’s Apprentice: The Florida Metal Scene

Discover how such bands as Death, Decide, and Morbid Angel crafted a singular sound that influenced legions of extreme-metal bands....

Future Rock: Economy-Picking Pentatonics

Rethink your approach to pentatonic shapes by pushing the limits of your picking....

Joe Gore’s The Subversive Guitarist: The Bruise Scale

If you whip out these licks at the ol’ Tuesday night blues jam, they’ll probably move it to Wednesday and not tell you....

Guthrie Govan’s Single-String Arpeggios

Break free from tired old patterns by rethinking your approach to shred....

Riff Rundown: Russian Circles' "Harper Lewis"

The instrumental guitar wizard demonstrates how he uses a simple fretting-hand pattern and tapping technique to create a difficult-sounding passage from Station....

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