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Mort, Death’s Apprentice: Brutal Death Metal Riffs

Bands like Suffocation, Gorgasm, and Deeds of Flesh created riffs full of forearm-punishing picking at warp speeds. Here’s a look at how you can level up your down-tuned riffing....

Twang 101: Bluegrass Goes Electric!

Steal inspiration, vocabulary, and picking techniques from legendary acoustic players....

How to Play Slower

It’s not as easy or straightforward as some might think, but taking an unhurried approach can add new dimensions to your playing....

Fretboard Workshop: Soloing with Triads

Think triads are boring Try a few of these improv ideas....

Joe Gore’s The Subversive Guitarist: Learning to Love Flat Keys

They’re not necessary evils—they’re opportunities....

Twang 101: Hank Garland’s Nashville Jazz

Learn how to pick like one of the early pioneers of sophisticated jazz-influenced country guitar....

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