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The Live Side of Jimmy Page

Though Led Zeppelin’s studio albums have achieved iconic status, the quartet’s interplay and improvisation onstage are the stuff of legend. Dive into Page-inspired licks from the band’s early-’70s live albums....

Beyond Blues: How to Play “Bird” Blues

Saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker’s challenging version of a 12-bar blues is one of his most enduring contributions. Learn how to navigate these tricky changes by combining bebop and blues....

Digging Deeper: The Rolling Stones’ 'Sticky Fingers'

This 1971 masterpiece combined soul, folk, and straight-up rock into a musical mix that has influenced generations. Let’s dive into some of its seminal sounds and techniques....

The Guitarist’s Guide to New-Wave Guitar

The 1980s were full of iconic tones and riffs from players like Andy Summers, Johnny Marr, and Adrian Belew. Let’s see if we can borrow a bit of that vintage mojo to craft compelling new riffs....

Dear 6-String Sensei: How Do I Get Started with Improvisation?

Is learning all the modes the best first step A reader asks for guidance on how to begin improvising....

What Bohlinger Plays: Double-Stop Bends

Vintage Strat in hand, the popular Last Call columnist shows you how to play dreamy, pedal-steel-like bends up and down the neck....

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