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Blue Horizons: Hit It and Quit It!

Understand how masters of beatnik-blues such as Grant Green and Kenny Burrell effortlessly weaved chord hits within their solos....

What Bohlinger Plays - Cascading Jangle Riff in E

Watch and learn a hooky pull-off motif inspired by rock íní roll icon Buddy Holly....

Double Trouble: Make Rhythm Guitar Parts Great Again!

Donít just bash away on open-position chords. Here are 10 ways to make your dual-guitar rhythm parts stand out....

Obsessive Progressive: Get a Grip on Odd-Meter Time Signatures

Not all riffs need to live in a comfortable space. Some of the most iconic jams rely on adding or subtracting a few beats to create that perfect, yet uneasy feel....

Digging Deeper: Rhythmic Slide

Donít limit your slide chops to singing, single-note leads. Instead, try crafting cool rhythm parts by focusing on both sides of the slide....

Blue Horizons: How to Mix Major and Minor Pentatonics

B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Freddie King all had an innate ability to move between major and minor sounds within a 12-bar blues. Hereís how they did it....

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