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Guitar News:

How to Jam Out Like the Ramones

Itís way more than just power chords and long hair....

Riff Rundown: Alter Bridge's "In Loving Memory"

The popular song (and unusual fingerpicking pattern) off the bands 2004 debut, One Day Remains, is simplified by creator Mark Tremonti....

Cowabunga! A Beginnerís Guide to Surf Guitar

Crank up the íverb and give that whammy bar a workout....

Twang 101: The Bakersfield Sound

Learn how to cop the trademark sounds of country musicís California rebels....

Riff Rundown: A Perfect Circle's "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"

The APC guitarist builds the 6-string parts that form the feedback-rich single from 2018s Eat the Elephant....

Joe Gore's The Subversive Guitarist: Power to the Pinky!

Get bigger sounds from your smallest finger....

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