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Folk News:

Problem with SE DM1 pre amps

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your assistance and expertise. I cannot get both of my brand new SE DM1 pre amps to work in my podcasting setup: EV RE320 > SE DM1 Behringer UMC202HD > PC. I have tried all possible configurations on my interface:......

Recording acoustic drums on Tascam Dp32

Just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the recording of acoustic drums on my Tascam dp32. I?d like to record each drum mic on separate tracks to give me more freedom to mix or bounce the tracks. I had a quick go with 4 drum mics and 2 overheads with very disappointing results. The signal......

Getting Back Into Recording: What USB Audio Interface/Computer Do You Recommend?

Hey everyone: I am looking for a decent computer/laptop to start recording with again. I currently have Mixcraft 7 as a DAW and AmpliTube 3 for guitar/bass effects. I am on a budget and not looking to spend a large amount (preferably between $500-$1000 CAD), but I will invest in a cost-effective......

Help with white noise

Hello, im very new to all this. I recently bought 2x krk rokit rp6 g3, and a SubZero AI2 usb, with xlr cables in between. I keep getting kinda a low white noise from one of the monitors, and this monitor Also powers up at random moments when i use a different output. I think might be......

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