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Jfet matching

Do jfets need to be matched if they are being used as a basic voltage amplifier common source arrangement More specifically, if Im making a bunch......

PT and tube limitations

I have my sights set on building a Garnet Herzog, which is basically a 5F1 Champ with a fixed resistor instead of a speaker. I would like to use a......

Capacitor ESR, how much is too much?

I am looking to purchase or build from a kit an ESR meter. I am a little confused by some of the info and discussions I read concerning what the......

Moving Master Volume In A Ceriatone Chupacabra For Effects Loop Installation

I purchased a Metro zero loss effects loop to replace the unusable effects loop in my Chupacabra. But, Im being told that it wont work correctly......

Issue with a Clone Hybrid Hiwatt/Ampeg

Hi, I am building an sort of hybrid 200W Hiwatt amplifier including the midrange circuit from Ampeg SVT. The amp has two channels with Hi/Low. You......

cathode bypass and grid stoppers/ when where and why

Looks like theres a consensus here that the first stage cathode should be fully bypassed to minimize heater noise. Are we talking 22uf on a 100k......

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