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Adding a mid control to the Boss FA-1 Preamp schematic...

I just bought a Fender Champ25 amp for only $80 and I think I want to gut it, basically reuse the tube output section more-or-less-as-is and build a......

Simulated Log/Audio potentiometers: a bad idea

This is to show why the popular Log pot simulation using an easier to find Linear Pot and a lower value parallel resistor is actually a bad idea in......

Help Me Understand the LM386 Chip Amp

I have a How the Ruby Amp Works webpage (https://robrobinette.com/How_the_Ruby_Amp_Works.htm) and I would like to go into some detail of how the......

What's This Cap For?

This schematic shows the Phase Inverter (V3) and power section of a single-channel, high-gain, Marshall-ish amp. One thing Im wondering about is......

Hoping to get some advice/proofing on output stage design and layout.

Im hoping to get a critique of this design to see what improvements I can make, or catch any errors I may have made. Nothing crazy. Its a LPT......

Cathode input gain stage?

Im working on an effects loop (toob) and I would like to NOT invert the signal. The send is not inverting because it operates from a cathode. I......

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