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Fender Champ Power Output Rating

Hi there, first time posting in this section. My question has to do with power ratings for a single 6V6 amp such as a Fender Champ. I worked on a......

Adding a presence control to a Deluxe AB763 type circuit that didn't have one

If I wanted to mimic a bassman 5F6a presence, they used a 5k pot at the bottom of the feedback voltage divider. Bassman nfb ckt: 5k/(5k+27k) =......

Mojotone 5f6a discrepancies......

Their schematic looks different than Leos Specifically the location of the choke and I only see 1 rectifier tube. Whats gives...

ripple question

Hello, can someone explain what means the ripple modulation in my second pic,please That meant ripple voltage over first anode filter cap, looks......

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