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Overcoming interaction between control settings in FMV tone stack

***So this post ended up branching off into looking for insight into better controlling frequency shaping throughout amplifier stages.** Im......

Output Transformer Saturation Surpise

I must admit Ive tended to take the line that you wont usually see saturation of the output transformer in the typical guitar amp. Looks like I......

understanding why 2 Fender AB763 preamp circuits "out of phase" with each other.

Ive seen comments on blogs that some of the marshall amps, the users can take a short guitar cord, plug it into channel 1 and channel 1, then plug......

One other question about B+ resistors

I know my other question about the resistors in the power supply got plenty of responses, but theres something else thats not making much sense. ......

Question about voltage dop in a power supply

Greetings everyone. First of all I didnt see an area to introduce yourself (forgive me if I missed it). My name is Michael, and Ive worked on......

Cathode Follower in Single Ended Amp?

Hey all, I was hoping for some advice on adding a cathode follower circuit to act as a faux phase inverter stage in a single ended amp. I have a......

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