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Will this work Se bridged type

Just threw this together from Fender schematics, all wiring is not shown or complete. Just looking to see if the idea is correct. Attachment 47684......

how to calculate cutoff frequency for Low pass (grid stop)

Some articles, e.g. Aikens site, talk about grid stop resistors and oscillation. Merlins book says to choose the grid stops as high as possible......

Speaker output grounding in no-NFB amps

In vintage tube amps with no negative feedback from the output transformer secondary, you still usually see one side of the secondary grounded to the......

grouding - the horse isn't dead yet

Hi All, I hope it doesnt look like Im beading a dead horse, I think it is still kicking. Anyway, old cliches aside, id like to get......

Output Stage & calculating halfboost freq. can you doublecheck my results?

Can you double check my results Im calculating the halfboost frequency for a given cathode bypass capacitor value in an output stage. Most of the......

Why would you do this? (6EU7, 12AX7, Bogen)

Hi, a friend dropped off a Bogen CHB-35A last week to see if I might be able to make something more useful to him out of it. No problem, its a......

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