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Amps and Effects News:

Fender 6G15 Reverb Layout

Im putting together a 6G15 reverb build and something about the vintage layout has always puzzled me. Ive never understood why the controls are......

Attenuators between a tube amp and the guitar speaker: some measurements and theory

One important factor is the load the attenuator places on the amp: there is agreement that it should be like that of a guitar speaker, and we will......

6v6 stereo power amp build .

Hi. I am rebuilding a 6v6 pp stereo power amp for someone. It was a kit and he did it but not did it right. I have rebuilt it with a couple of......

MOSFETs in parallel

One more question for tonight. Using the example schematic below, if I wanted to add more MOSFETs in parallel, what do I need to do When......

Tone stack for bas guitar amp

Im building an amp geared for a bass guitar, including a three position tone stack. Im thinking 4 string, but could be for a 5 string while Im......

D class power requirement.

I have a Kustom Sienna 30 acoustic amp and like the front end but the power amp at 30w is not enough. Im toying with the idea of putting a 150w @ 8......

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