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AT2020 Noise.. please.. help me

Hello everyone. Today, after a long waiting, my package from Thomann finally arrived.. I got for the first time a microphone. AT2020 XLR. I also got this: Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain And I have USB to XLR cable. I connect the XLR part into Behringer MIC100 Tube Ultragain, then usb into......

Amp Phasing Question

Hey all - I have a question about overall phasing of an amp. I have a Mesa Lonestar, a Fuchs ODS50 and a Marshall 1959slp. I would like to pair the Fuchs and Marshall with the Mesa like Joe, with the Mesa being the amp always on. So I was researching all this out and I came across this in my......

J bridge uninstall question

I uninstalled jbridge from windows10 but in cubaseai10 Im still getting a cannot find proxy dill. warning...my question is how do I erase all or at least the warning file in jBridge...

Please help me select a DAW

Newbie here looking to get into home recording. Ive recently purchased my computer and interface. Now I need to find a compatible DAW and I need your help. _*My Computer*_ * MSI GS63 Stealth * Windows 10 OS * Intel Core i7 (8 gen) * 16GB RAM * Hard Drive: 256GB M.2 SSD with 1TB (SATA)...

Need input on what direction to go with vocals.

Hey guys, Some background on me: Im 19 years old. Ive been creating music for a solid 4 years now; I would really like some input on what direction to go in. A few things I think are important: -I solely use Logic Pro X for production as well as vocals. Im aware that Pro Tools is the......

4 channel mixer outputting mono audio

Heya, Wasnt sure if this was too basic for the mixing forum so I thought best post it here, apologies if its in the wrong place. Im using the Behringer MX400 (gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/Behringer-MX400-Micromix-4-Channel-Mixer/6LZ) with 2 inputs both using 6.35mm to 3.5mm cables......