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Upgrading to new PC..how to reuse some existing gear?

Hi, Finally putting an old XP PC to rest which has an M-Audio 2496 audio card. This is the current equipment chain. Two mics -> RNP preamp -> Behringer UB502 mixer with RCA jacks -> Maudio 2496 card inside the PC Have been really happy with the old RNP preamp unit and would like to......

zoom r8 question

i have been recording guitar from my amp directly into the zoom by running a cable from the amps extension speaker jack to the zoom. i prefer this to a mic , i dont have to worry about outside noise,my kids making a racket etc . it works great only problem i have is even with the levels set at......

How to record sound from pc?

There are some sound clips i wish to record using either sound recorder app on windows 7 or audacity... but HOW do i do it whatever recording device i choose, doesnt work. i get a flat line in audacity, whatsoever... what am i doing wrong thanks. here is a picture of my settings: swwe3232 —......