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Suggestions For Editing Programs?

Im looking for an audio editing program that has a couple of features. Mainly, I need to be able to create presets for certain EQ settings, or for fade-in, fade-out, etc. I used to use Adobe Audition (still have version 3 :-)), and I could do that. But AA can be pretty expensive. Audacity......

So simple it escapes me.

Im trying to simply connect a cassette deck to my PC (oh, just nevermind WHY) and when playing, Im not getting a proper Left/Right balance back from the computer. Checked the RCA outs in the back of the deck and its not that. I ditched one cable (2 RCA to 1 3.5mm) and hand wired another. ......

basic software?

As a complete novice I hoping that one of you guys in the know will be able to advice me on what software to use. Unlike a lot of people I generally like a few tracks on a cd and detest the rest. I therefore need to compile a library of fav tracks on the computer and then rip to cd. In addition......

alesis one MK 2 passive speakers

Hi guys Im new to the home studio set up now (previous was over a decade ago and things have moved) My Current set up is : Macbook Pro Alesis Core 1 audio interface...

Limiting/Amplifying Microphone Output?

Hi to all, I have met some problems about my micophone:confused:. The situation is following: I have a microphone whose output needs to be limited to 0V-5V. The microphone itself should be picking up audio from its environment (such as a living room). Later, specific signals will be identified from......