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Nagra SN pinch roller - rubber tyre

Hi everyone, Ive just joined, and this is my first post. I have just bought a vintage 1972 Nagra SN recorder, and Im trying to find out if the pinch roller is supposed to have a rubber tyre. The one I have appears to have a fine knurled metal finish, so i suspect the rubber sleeve / tyre......

Hissing in right channel

So when I?m recording and playing the final product all the way thru (cool edit pro) it sounds perfect in the program. However, once I mix it down into a track it gains this pulsing hiss in the right channel. I can?t find anywhere else on the internet for anybody with a similar issue. Please help.......

Reel to reel Digital conversion

Hi guys, I post quite a lot about Reel to reel questions, thanks for everyones help so far. Im going to get a Apogee Duet 2 to record Guitar and Bass. It will be my best interface to date and I know they have quite nice A\D to D\A converters, so I want to also use it for recording my Reel to......

Why newbie???????

Hey....Ive been on this forum for 9 years.......Why am I still listed as a newbie lol :cursing:...