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Shared cathode bypass

Whats your take on shared cathode bypass cap and resistor, like how Fender ties the second triode of each channel in the blackface stuff I just......

understanding fet noise curves

Im looking at noise curves for the 2SK209 FET. (see below) They show lowest noise with ~10K signal source resistance. Im trying to understand......

Trace Elliot GP7 AH150 Power Amp Question

Hi all, used to be a member several years ago but lost access to my account so have just been lurking since but have been having trouble with a Trace......

OT question

Can an 8 ohm center tapped push pull OT be used to drive a single ended 4 ohm load...

Run a 6ca4 rectifier on a 5v/2a wind?

Has any one tried it Im in the planning stage, thinking of using a Hammond H300519 power xfmr (500v ct, 100 mA; 6.3v, 3A; 5v, 2A) . I want a......

Difference between 2 x EL84 and 4 x EL84 board architecture?

So I picked up a couple of these THD chassis. One was a 2 x EL84 model complete except it had an Australian PT. I swapped in another PT (actually one......

errors in The Ultimate Tone by K. O'Connor

I am studying Vol 3, and I find some errors. For example, in the Portaflex chapter he gets the 2K2 and 5K6 preamp cathode resistors reversed multiple......