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Testing Global feedback stability and question about practical componsation for outputstage

I started doing some square wave testing on my output stage to for any instability, measure open loop gain, etc., and see if its really worth having......

Marshall caps

I cant find a 70s/80s Marshall schematic that shows 6 filter caps. I see that some of them did physically have 6 cans in there . Im talking about......

Virtual center tap OT?

Hi everybody. 4 Long time no see. We, i was wondering if, on a small OT, for a single 6v6 for example, i could create a virtual center tap ......

AAA battery question

I picked up a cool LED flashlight a while back that I absolutely love. It has a linear array of super bright LEDS running down the side, and a strong......

DC coupled C.F. question

Hello, how to avoid grid current into a 12ax7 C.F. DC coupled ,please The tube is supplied at 300V around and coupled at 75V through a 1M/1M......

Grid Current Emulation at Input to Power Amp

---Quote (Originally by J M Fahey)--- Cool :thumbsup: Real scoping beats any theory-without-practice opinion any day of the week. That said......