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Effects loop. why?

Hi chaps- just nabbed a marshall dsl 15 head for rainy day fun.. not usually my thing, more a fender man, & the gain channel 2 is silly/ to be......

Ghost Notes - Use Scope to Track down ?

I love my Gretsch 6162, but sometimes I hear faint ghost notes on the decay of high notes when the gain is pushed with a boost up front (top 3......

PI drive for 6 power tube amp

I am looking at a bunch of schematics to learn about this scenario of phase inverters for 6 power tube amps. A couple things in the Hiwatt DR405......

Power supply variation

I have always been curious why old Sunns typically do the power supply in a way where there is a reservoir capacitor after the rectifier and this......

Ever wonder about the Sprague Atom controversy?

I had the occasion to replace a blue Atom cap, and have always wanted to cut one open to see what they are made of. I guess weve all seen or heard......

Screen Grid Connected to Plate ? Caused Big Hum.

I read that if you connect the screen grid to the plate, it reduces the power of your output pentode, and changes the harmonic character to act and......