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Adding a bypass capacitor... effect on the NFB resistor?

If I add a small bypass capacitor to my 5F2-A projects second gain stage cathode (.15uf) for my simple switchable Brilliance treble type boost will......

Artificial center tap for elevated heater question

Hi again folks, I plan on using an idea I saw regarding elevating the heaters on my 6v6gt tube by using 2 1/2 watt 100r resistors going from the......

EL83 OT impedance question

I wanted to experiment with the EL83 / 6CK6 on a EL84 single ended circuit with 250V on plate and screen grid and 5K OT with 4/8/16 Ohms outputs. ......

12A_7 @ 12.6V

A quick question about running 12A_7 tubes at 12.6V -- If I connect the 12.6V to pins 4 and 5, can I use pine 9 as the center tap, either grounded......

Heater voltage drop under load

So, maybe this is very incosequential but just figured Id ask if anyone has a thought. Using Hammond transformers that dont actually give you......

mystery single ended output transformer

In the same Silvertone 1451 combo mentioned earlier I have a mystery OT labeled TF-103, and below that 10520003. It looks like a champ tranny, and......