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JTM 45 negative feedback with Mercury 'Radiospares Deluxe' OT

Hi All, Id like to wire up a Mercury Radiospares OT to a JTM45 circuit for 4 ohms. The stock JTM45 schematic has the negative......

screen and plate voltage

I just finished building a DR. Happy to say it looks like I got everything right, and its quiet as a mouse. However, my screen voltages are sitting......

Chokes vs resistor

Why do I want to use a choke in a power supply instead of a 10 cent resistor....

Same stage different stage

I am a little confused by the description I am reading about equivalent parallel gain stage vs single triode gain stage. Also, is it actually not......

AB763 Filter Cap Orientation

Awhile ago I bought myself 67/68 silverface Twin Reverb with the AB763 circuit. One of the first things I did was replace the original Mallory filter......

Voltage rating on filter caps

Hi Folks. Quick question to fill the nooks and crannies of my knowledge on power filtering and voltage ratings. Two caps rated at 500 Volts in......