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amp design frequency response - louder at 12th fret than at nut.

Hi all. Can frequency shaping with small cathode caps and small interstage caps result in noticably louder notes around the 12th fret (or any......

Volume pot on mic, balanced or unbalanced - how?

Ive a friend coming over later. He plays steel drum and is set on me making him a passive volume pot for his 57. We could go unbalanced but might......

Single vs Dual Supply Voltage Amplifiers

Having owned an Acoustic Control Corp 150 amp and having worked on a few, and seeing posts here on MEF, I was curious to read up on differences......

Reverb Tanks, how does mounting style matter?

Got a 90s PRS HG-70 solid state amp that was once Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrds main stage amp. Actually, he had two, and my customer just bought them......

Gotta a power transformer, can't seem to decided what to do with it - any thoughts ???

So, Ive got a power transformer I picked up a while ago that has been sitting and collecting dust. Figured Id build something around it, but I......

EL34 cathode biased question

Hello, I need a suggestion regards the value of resistor / cap for a quad of EL34 cathode biased, please. OT 1.9K, B supply 450V. Thanks Let me......