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THD Univalve questions

Hi All, Ran across a description by THD of its Univalve http://www.thdelectronics.com/product_page_UniValve.html Its a single ended......

ECC83 - Plate Load Resistors, compression, Grid current limiting

Hi Guys, been a while sine I last posted here but I am going through some ideas and this is probably the most knowledgeable group I know of, so.. ......

Input jack lock?

There was a question was asked on another forum. The guy was having problems with other bands using his speaker cabinet at the rehearsal space and......

Couple other transformer questions

1. Why is Hammond 278CX 800VCt and the 6.3V winding is only 6A What are you supposed to do with it it is too high voltage for 6L6 so you have......

Bias pcb

Can this be modded to work with Usa voltage = 120vac input If so, what would you change Image: https://s19.postimg.cc/3nmluuisv/bias.jpg......

Using Fender Twin OT with (2) 6L6's

If this OT was normally used with (4) 6.6s into a 4ohm load, would the OT look the same to (2) 6L6s into an 8 ohm load...