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SKU-128576 Evans EC2 SST Clear Batter Drumhead 12 in. from Guitar Center  sku

Evans EC2 SST Clear Batter Drumhead 12 in. - 128576 by Evans

Item description: This Accessories Drum and Percussion Accessories product is by Evans - The Evans EC2 SST Clear Batter Drumhead offers an edge control ring mounted under 2 plies of 7-mil film. The EC2 drumhead controls vibration instead of eliminating it. It also dampens higher overtones, enhances low-end attack, and supports a broader tuning range.<BR/><BR/><strong>Evans EC2 Sound Shaping Technology (SST)</strong><BR/><BR/>Evans improved EC2 drumheads contain Evans' exclusive Sound Shaping Technology (SST). Sound Shaping Technology allows the drumheads to be fully optimized for each individual size by varying the thickness and density of the damping material, ensuring greatly improved performance and tone across the entire kit. Unlike other heads that lack SST, Evans EC2s contain the ability to balance attack and tone for each size. The result is a drumhead series fine-tuned for attack, tone, length of sustain, and ease of tuning. Packed with a more balanced and pre-EQ'd sound across the full kit, the vans EC2 with SST will make your toms sound better than you ever thought possible.<BR/><BR/><strong>Here is what the pros are saying:</strong><BR/><BR/>So I just gave the new EC2s a test run overseas. They sound great!! I used them on a Mapex Orion kit. The new muffling rings are nice! After pounding these for a few shows they stayed focused.<BR/>-Chris Pennie<BR/><BR/>The new EC2s are so incredible! The attack and tone has somehow been magnified, when I'm playing these heads the feel, definition and tone that I'm able to draw out of them is amazing and is so sweet to the ear.<BR/>-Camille Grainer<BR/><BR/>The new Evans EC2 SSTs are amazing. My toms sound so warm and lush. These drum heads bring out the true sound of the drums.<BR/>-Dean Butterworth<BR/><BR/>The best just got better - the new EC2 SST drumheads are incredible!<BR/>-Preston Heyman - The Wolfmen and U.K. Session Supremo<BR/><BR/><ul><li>Clear Batter Drumhead</li><li>Contains Evans' exclusive Sound Shaping Technology (SST)</li><li>Eliminates vibrations</li><li>Dampens higher overtones</li><li>Enhances low-end attack</li><li>Supports a broader tuning range</li><li>6&quot;</li></ul>... Learn More

Manufacturer: Evans

Keywords: Evans, Tom-Tom Drum Heads


Store: Guitar Center is home to the world's largest selection of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations, drums, percussion, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear and more.

Category: Drum and Percussion Accessories


See the Price of Evans EC2 SST Clear Batter Drumhead 12 in.

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